Emergency Plans – Who needs them?

March 4th, 2018



The Questions


We often get asked  two questions:

  • Do I need to have an Emergency Plan and Evacuation Diagrams?
  • I’m a tenant in a larger building, do I need to prepare the Emergency Plan and Evacuation Diagrams or does the Landlord/Owner/Strata Manager?

This article will provide an answer to both of these questions.


Legislative Requirements

Division 4 of the South Australian Work Health and Safety Regulations require that every workplace has and maintains an Emergency Plan.

The penalties for failing to provide and Emergency Plan can be up to $6,000 for an individual, such as a business manager and $30,000 for the business or strata corporation.

That’s a lot of money!  And what you are required to do is not that costly and has the potential to save lives.


What is Required?

An Emergency Plan is a policy and procedure document that out lines

  • Who coordinates the response to an emergency situations
  • Procedures for responding to emergencies. These emergencies include bomb threat, armed intruder/hold up, flood and fire.
  • Training requirements, including warden training, staff training and evaluation drills
  • Evacuations diagrams showing staff and visitors how to respond to an emergency and their nearest exits.

To assist in getting you started Riverland Fire & Safety have developed a generic template that meets the requirements of AS3745: Planning for emergencies in facilities.  By complying with this standard you guarantee that you comply with the Work Health and Safety Regulations.

We can also provide you with a generic template for preparing evacuation diagrams.

The above two “templates” are the low cost options that many small business are looking for, alternatively you can engage us to walk you through the process and prepare the Emergency Plan and Evacuations Diagrams customised to your workplace.

If you want to get the templates or have us to walk you through the process contact our office on 85881121.